Check Availability and Book

Bookings for the winter season are due at the AGM held at the beginning of each calendar year. Please use the PDF Booking Form to make a booking.

How to book your accommodation

Each day displays the number of rooms available. You can view the next month by clicking the ‘arrow’ icon and view more than one month by clicking the ‘plus’ icon. For terms and conditions please refer to our booking information below. To see the lodge nightly cost please check our rates page for more details.

  • First, please refer to the detailed booking information.
  • Select your dates on the calendar.
  • Add your details to the Contact Information form below.
  • Click the BOOK NOW button. An email will be sent to you and us with your details and requested dates.
  • Download, complete and send the PDF Booking Form with proof of your payment to us.
  • Your booking is confirmed once the booking manager has contacted you.

General Booking Information

Bookings are not firm until paid in full.

Cheques should be provided when submitting a booking application and will be banked on receipt. Direct debits should be made prior to submitting a booking application with proof of payment attached to the application. Any refunds will be made later if the application is unsuccessful.

Bookings are to be made using the attached booking form. An incomplete booking application will generally be disregarded for the purposes of any ballot that may be required. If a range of rates could apply, please make payment for the highest likely accommodation charge. An application will be regarded as incomplete if not accompanied by payment of the highest likely accommodation charge.

All persons in a party (including children and infants of any age) need a confirmed booking.

Members wishing to go as a group with non-members should include the non-members on the one booking form but the booking application will not get member priority.

Members wishing to book for non-members but not lose their member priority, should lodge a booking form for the non-member group plus a separate form for the member’s personal booking.

No booking is confirmed until confirmed by the booking manager in writing.

Acceptance of a booking form or banking of application monies, is not confirmation of the booking.

The Club endeavours to deal with booking applications promptly, but at certain times of the year, particularly immediately after the close of the priority-booking period for members, there may be delays. Any decision by the Club’s board of directors in relation to a booking application or confirmation is final and the board is not obliged to give reasons for any such decision.

A member should not lodge a booking application on behalf of any other person (member or nonmember) without clearly having express authority to do so. Observance of this requirement will avoid embarrassment.

Each individual booking for a person on a booking form is personal to that named person (not any group), and is not transferable.

If you require more detailed information please download our Detailed Booking Information:

Booking Information