The University Alpine Club Ltd has over one hundred members.

Becoming a UAC Member

Due to the capacity of the club new general membership is currently closed. New enquiries can be directed to

UAC has over 150 current members across the following membership types:

  • Full Members
  • Student Members
  • Junior Members
  • Associate Members

A debenture is required to be paid by all Full Members prior to the age of 25. Full Members have voting rights at general meetings such as the AGM.

All Student, Junior and Associate Members are eligible to apply for full membership and are required to complete the attached request for membership form.

Transition from Student to Full Membership

  • Student Members, upon reaching the age of 21, are eligible to apply for full membership. The Membership Secretary keeps on top of the ages of the students and so will generally mail out an application form. However, if you turn 21 and haven’t received a form please contact the Membership Secretary.
  • In order to be eligible to progress to full membership a Student Member has to have attended at least one work party. Please contact us to find out about upcoming work parties.
  • Students will send in their application together with the entrance fee, currently $900. The application form also contains a commitment from the Student that they will pay $1,900 for a debenture before they reach 25 years.
  • The debenture is simply a loan to the Club, which puts you on an equal footing with most other members of the Club. There is no interest paid on the debenture and repayment is subject to Directors’ approval.
  • Failure to take up full membership at age 21, will mean that the Student membership will lapse and unless the Directors reopen membership there is very little opportunity for you to regain membership.